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Graham Pascoe recently published Falklands Facts and Fallacies, in which he examines the history of the islands and attempts to counter a narrative presented in the 2016 book Las Malvinas entre el Derecho y la Historia (The Malvinas Between Law and History). And he told Express.co.uk that Buenos Aires has long tried to use the UN as a vehicle for its ambitions – while predicting that all such efforts were doomed due to the power of the British government to ‘veto resolutions.

Argentina has always used the UN to defend its arguments for sovereignty over the Falklands

Graham Pascoe

The United Nations decolonization committee, known as C24, last month unanimously approved a resolution calling on the United Kingdom and Argentina on Wednesday to resume sovereignty negotiations over the Falklands – a move that, according to Pascoe, at Express.co.uk would have “no effect.” “.He added: “Argentina will undoubtedly continue to use the UN to advance its cause, probably at the General Assembly meeting in November / December, and no doubt under the strong influence of Cristina de Kirchner, who is a tough and very influential Falkland (or rather “Malvinas”) in the Argentine government.

“But I don’t think it will change anything, and the UK government will ignore it – only a Security Council resolution would carry weight, and the issue is just not important enough for that.”

Boris Johnson has learned that Alberto Fernandez will use the UN to assert Argentina’s claim to sovereignty (Image: GETTY)

Donatus Keith St Aimee, photographed in Argentina in 2010 (Image: NC)

“Either way, the UK has a veto there, of course. ”

Mr. Pascoe said: “Argentina has always used the UN to advance its sovereignty case over the Falklands – it is significant that Argentina has never taken its case to the International Court of Justice.

“As a court that would have listened to the evidence, which, as demonstrated in Falklands Facts and Fallacies, actually shows that the Falklands are British and that Argentina has no title to the islands.

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Donatus Keith St Aimee

Donatus Keith St Aimee, who was the UN representative for Saint Lucia, died in 2015 (Image: NC)

“In contrast, the UN is more like a parliament where the vote follows the political interests of members, not factual evidence. ”

Until 1964, Argentina had made only “brief formal references” to the UN to its claim to the islands, but the situation changed when Jose Maria Ruda, the country’s representative to the UN, delivered a long speech on the subject which, according to Mr. Pascoe, “would be hard to beat for sheer concentrated inaccuracy.”

Mr Pascoe added: “Naturally Argentina is effectively withholding information to make their case more convincing – they never mention the Peace Convention, which definitively ended the Falklands dispute between Britain and Argentina. in 1850.

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Cristina Kirchner

Cristina Kirchner is the Vice President of Argentina – and her former leader (Image: GETTY)

Antonio Guterres

Antonio Guterres is the Secretary General of the United Nations (Image: GETTY)

“They fail to mention the UN resolutions that give self-determination to the Falkland Islanders (especially resolutions 1541 and 2625).

“And they present a totally false version of the story, for example they constantly argue that Britain expelled a peaceful Argentine population from the Falklands in 1833.

Falklands factfile

Falklands factfile (Image: Express)

He explained: “Many members of the C24 are either Spanish speaking, or former colonies or non-democracies, and they regularly repeat the false statements made by Argentina.

The United Nations

The United Nations building in New York (Image: GETTY)

Falklands Facts and Fallacies is available at www.falklandshistory.com


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