Falcons’ Hayden Hurst shares support for Cowboys Dak Prescott speaking out on mental health


Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst said he approached Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott after Sunday’s game to express his support over what Hurst said. called “disgusting” comments made by Fox Sports 1’s Skip Bayless about Prescott’s openness to his sanity.Prescott recently shared in an episode of “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” that he had sought help during the offseason of anxiety and depression brought on by the death of his older brother, Jace, and the pandemic. of coronavirus. Jace Prescott committed suicide in April. The quarterback’s mother died of colon cancer in 2013.

In response to Prescott’s comments, Bayless said on his show “Undisputed”: “I have no sympathy for [Prescott] go public with, “I’m depressed” and “I suffered from depression early in COVID to the point that I couldn’t even go to workout. Look, he’s the American team quarterback. Fox later issued a statement condemning Bayless’s comments.

Hurst, who has been open about the suicide attempt and dealing with anxiety and depression, said he was appalled at Bayless’s words.

“To be completely honest with you, when I saw what Skip Bayless said, it really shocked me – that Dak had the courage to come out and talk about it and how it affected her family, how it had affected him – and those. [Bayless] the comments, I thought, were just disgusting, “Hurst told ESPN on Tuesday night.” For a guy to come and talk about this topic and use his platform to try to help and save lives, all I have to do is respect him because I know how hard it is to go through things like that.

“It hit my family hard. My uncle committed suicide. My cousin committed suicide. And I had my own business with drug addiction and my suicide attempt. I know how much courage it takes to talk about it. And for a guy like [Bayless] to blow Dak up on her show, on national television, I think that’s just plain wrong. So I wanted to go see Dak and talk to her and tell her how much I appreciated her. ”

After the Cowboys’ 40-39 win over the Falcons on Sunday, the video captured Hurst stopping Prescott to say, “Hey, I have a lot of respect for what you did, got out and talked. My mom and I have a Suicide Prevention Foundation. Respect your hell for talking about it, man. ”

Prescott responded by suggesting that they someday collaborate, to which Hurst replied, “Absolutely.”

“I thought it was great,” Hurst told ESPN. “I’m sure Dak Prescott doesn’t really know who I am. But I know the courage it takes because a lot of people don’t like to talk about mental health. They are afraid to talk about it. They are embarrassed. If guys like Dak Prescott can come out and talk about it, I think it’s going to save a lot of lives. I think it’s cool. I admire him. And I’ll be a Dak Prescott fan forever. I think he’s a great guy. ”

Hurst previously shared his story of attempted suicide in January 2016 while at college in South Carolina. He had an unsuccessful stint in minor league baseball as a pitcher due to a pitching condition known as “yips” and started using drugs and drinking heavily, then tried to stop himself. slit the wrist. He survived what he called his “time has come to Jesus,” and now he’s trying to educate others on how to deal with depression.

Hurst started the Hayden Hurst Foundation with his mother, Cathy, to raise awareness of mental health issues in children and adolescents by funding mental health services and programs through donations and fundraising events. The foundation will host a charity golf event on October 19 in Atlanta.


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