Facebook’s Long-Awaited Supervisory Board To Be Launched Before US Elections | Technology


The long-awaited Facebook watchdog, empowered to overturn some of the platform’s content moderation decisions, plans to launch in October, just in time for the US election.The board will be ready to hear appeals from Facebook users as well as cases referred by the company itself “by mid or late October at the latest, unless major technical issues arise,” said Julie Owono, one of the 20 initial committee members who were appointed in May, in an interview on Wednesday.

“The council is attentive and is of course aware of the concerns surrounding this election and the role that social media will play,” said Owono, also executive director of the digital rights organization Internet Sans Frontières. “When we launch, we’ll be ready to accept requests, wherever they come from and whoever they come from, as long as it’s within our mandate.”


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