Extinction Rebellion blocks newspaper printing plants in England and Scotland | UK News


Climate activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) have blocked the roads of a number of newspaper printing houses in England and Scotland, in an attempt to prevent them from distributing their newspapers.

The group say around 80 protesters blocked access to two print books run by News UK, owners of The Sun, The Times and The Telegraph, in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire and Knowsley, near Liverpool.

The Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard are also printed at these locations.

The group aims to prevent the distribution of documents

It comes after several days of disruption across London by the group, with the aim of highlighting the climate crisis.

Protesters also gathered at another site in Motherwell, but Scottish police said they had been moved without any arrests.

XR claims that the “mainstream media” is controlled by a small number of people, and that news companies are guilty of “consistent manipulation of the truth according to their own personal and political agendas”.

The Hertfordshire group erected bamboo structures as the printers approached, preventing access to the site.

Learn more about Extinction Rebellion

A Sky News producer at the scene said there were lines of vans on the road leading to the site, waiting to collect the logs.

Hertfordshire Police said: ‘We are currently at Great Eastern Road, Waltham Cross, following reports of a protest.

Access to the site was prohibited for vans
Deliveries may be at risk due to protest
Deliveries may be at risk due to protest

“Our officers engage with the group, which is made up of around 100 people, and we work to facilitate the rights of protesters and those affected by their presence. ”

Sky News has contacted News Corp and Merseyside Police for their comment.

Extinction Rebellion activist Gully Bujak, 27, said: “You can’t have a democracy that works with mainstream media run by a small, unrepresentative sect that is in bed with politicians. and the fossil fuel industry.

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“The climate emergency is an existential threat to humanity. Instead of getting it on the front page every day as it deserves, most of our media ignore the issue and some actively sow climate denial.

“They thrive on polarization and division. They sow hatred to distract us, actively taking advantage of this division.

“To these newspapers we say this: you will no longer stand between us. For one night, we will filter the lies and take back power. For one night we’re going to show the world that you are vulnerable, just like us. “


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