Explore the possibility of a sign and exchange Alex Pietrangelo – The Athletic


Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to more accurately reflect the terms of adding an eighth year to Pietrangelo’s new contract One of the rather intriguing layers of Alex Pietrangelo’s situation is whether the ‘one of the contenders will see fit to try to get an eighth year on his new agreement by signing and trading with the Blues.

Because spreading his contract over eight years would be beneficial for any club with a capitalization limit.

A reminder that any club that signs Pietrangelo when free agency opens on October 9 can give him a maximum of seven years according to ABC rules.

Unless the Blues sign him an eight-year contract before October 9 and then exchange it with the team that wants to add him. Pietrangelo would have to give up his no-trade clause, but it probably wouldn’t be a problem if he agrees with the team and the deal on offer.

Two summers ago this is an idea that briefly entered the equation as John…


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