Explainer: Facebook, Google Battle Australia on revenue sharing bill


* The project also requires tech companies to warn the media when they change search algorithms in a way that affects the order in which content appears. They must also share their use of consumer data extracted from news content on their sites.

* The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission began investigating ‘big tech’ in 2017 and asked for comments on the draft until August 28. She now hopes to work with government and industry to reformulate the law before it goes to parliament.

* While internet and media companies have been battling in other jurisdictions – notably in Germany over copyright in news clips and other material published by Google – Australia’s proposal represents the largest reform.


* In recent years, traditional media companies operating in Australia have experienced tremendous success in terms of revenue streams, such as subscriptions and advertising. For every Australian $ 100 spent on online advertising in Australia, excluding classifieds, nearly a third goes to Google and Facebook, the competition regulator said.

* Last year, the regulator released a report saying news organizations lacked bargaining power when negotiating with digital companies over compensation for content posted on online platforms. He said this was a problem because those same publishers rely on Facebook and Google to reach many of their consumers.


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