Exclusive: Kylie Minogue on her lockdown album and how the pandemic affected her


Kylie Minogue arrives for our chat straight from a photoshoot with Vogue magazine.

They made her look at pictures of her life, and she confesses that photos of her at Glastonbury last year – which she played after her last appearance 14 years earlier was called off due to a diagnosis of cancer – had stifled her with emotion.

It’s not surprising.

This set in the 2019 Legends Slot Machine is Most Viewed TV Performance in the 50 year history of the festival.

Right now, it feels like another time – she can hardly believe, she says, that nearly 200,000 people have gathered to watch her.

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If she had been scheduled to play this year, she told herself, neither of them could have been there.

She had planned going there this year to watch Diana Ross and experience the whole camping experience, but that will of course have to wait.

Despite the difficulties faced by the music industry and the inability to tour, Kylie is set to release a new album which – if it hits number one as planned – will make her a record breaker. .

The first female solo artist in the UK to have five number one albums in consecutive decades.

Kylie on the Pyramid Stage at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival. Credit: Pennsylvania

David Bowie achieved the same record for British male artists.

She is amazed and amazed at this prospect.

“I was probably meant to be a one-time wonder,” she told me.

“I must have been struck off so many times. “

His new album will be released on November 6.

“Disco” is, somewhat ironically, an activity which, in a world of coronavirus restrictions, is something of a distant memory.

She wondered if the theme that had been decided before the world locked up was right to be released now.

But not being in a nightclub shouldn’t stop people from dancing, she believes – it’s a kitchen nightclub, she says.

And Kylie is a fan of an uplifting, nostalgic genre, two things in demand in these trying times.

She recorded her album on lockdown, purchasing the necessary equipment for the installation at her home and using Zoom to communicate with her team.

She’s learned a new set of skills, she says, but like artists around the world, touring isn’t an option right now.

The superstar admits that after spending so much of her life on tour, he misses her.

That and the distance from his family Australia – additional locking measures in Melbourne gave her what she describes as the “blues”.

Recording, though at home, gave her a boost, Kylie says – breaking a record would be more than icing on the cake.


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