Everything is coming to Netflix in September 2020


As summer draws to a close, Netflix kicks off the fall season with a slew of new movie and TV additions to its streaming selection this month. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the ongoing production of many films and shows, Netflix is ​​releasing a surprisingly sufficient number of originals, including the highly anticipated thriller directed by Charlie Kaufman, I think of the end of things, mystery-adventure film, Enola Holmes, with Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister in a sequel to her own exploits and a star-studded psychological thriller, theDevil all the time, directed by Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland. In addition to Netflix Originals, major movies such as Back to the futuretrilogy, Zathura and How to Train Your Dragon 2 will also land on the platform throughout the month. NBC Comedy The right place is releasing its long-awaited final season, available for viewing on Netflix on September 26 and seasons 1-6 of the classic ’90s sitcom Sister sister will be available from September 1st.

Here’s a full list of everything coming to Netflix in September:

September 1st



Back to the future trilogy


Barbie Princess Adventure

Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Blue Exorcist: Season 2

Caution: Seasons 1-3

Children of the sea


Due date



Erased: Season 1

Destiny / Grand Order: First Order

Felipe Esparza: bad decisions / bad decisions (Netflix Original)

H (Several seasons)

Heidi: Season 2

Magic Mike

Muppet’s Most Wanted

Not another teen movie

Pineapple Express


Puss in Boots

Red Dragon


Sexual drive

Sister sister (Seasons 1 to 6)

The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!: Spécial interactif (Netflix Original)

Les Muppets

The producers

The promised imaginary country: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

The Smurfs

Thomas and his friends

True: Friendship Day (Netflix Original)



September 2

Bad Boy Billionaires: Inde (Netflix Original)

Chef’s table: BBQ (Netflix Original)

Freaks – You are one of us (Netflix Original)

September 3

Afonso Padilha: the soul of the poor (Netflix Original)

Love, guaranteed (Netflix Original)

Young Wallander: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

September 4

A way (Netflix Original)

I think of the end of things (Netflix Original)

The lost Okoroshi

Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy: Partie 2 (Netflix Original)

September 7


Midnight special

My octopus teacher (Original Netflix)

Youth record: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Transformers: Cyberverse: Season 2

J’attend Superman »

September 8

StarBeam: Saison 2 (Netflix Original)

September 9

Cuties / Cute (Netflix Original)

Get organized with The Home Edit: Season 1

The line: Narco’s shadow: Season 1

The social dilemma

September 11th

How to Train Your Dragon 2

United animals (Netflix Original)

Pokémon Voyages (part 2) (Netflix Original)

Dad wanted / Dad wanted (Netflix Original)

The Duchess: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

September 15th

America’s Book of Secrets: Season 2

Ancient aliens: Season 3

Beyond fear: Season 4

Dossiers Cold Case Classic: Season 1

Frozen hope: A Quest To Live Twice (Netflix Original)

Izzy’s world of koalas: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Michael McIntyre: Showman (Netflix Original)

Pawn stars: Season 2

Taco Chronicles: Volume 2 (Netflix Original)

The curse of Oak Island: Season 4

The rap game: Season 1

The Smurfs 2

Universe: Season 2

Family affair: Saison 2 (Netflix Original)

September 16

Baby: Saison 3 (original Netflix)

Challenger: the last flight: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Criminal: United Kingdom: Saison 2 (Netflix Original)

The devil all the time (Netflix Original)

Meat eater: Saison 9 (Netflix Original)

Signes / Znaki: Saison 2 (Netflix Original)

SING!: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Paramedic / practitioner (Netflix Original)

September 17

the dogma of the dragon: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

The last word: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

September 18

American Barbecue Showdown: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Pawl: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

September 21

A love song for Latasha (Netflix Original)

September 22

Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a tool belt: Saison 3 (Netflix Original)

Jack Whitehall: Journey With My Father: Season 4 (Netflix Original)

Kiss the ground

Mighty Express: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

Le Playbook: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

September 23

Enola Holmes (Netflix Original)


Real steel

The Chef Show: Saison 2 (Netflix Original)

September 25

A perfect crime: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)


Wicked C

Sneakerheads: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

School nurse files / Bogeongyosa Aneunyeong: Saison 1 (Netflix Original)

September 26

The right place: Season 4

September 28

Whose vote counts, explained (Netflix Original)

September 29

Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia (Netflix Original)

Welcome to sudden death (Netflix Original)

September 30

Wentworth: Season 8

The boys of the group (Netflix Original)

American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix Original)



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