Every Premier League team profiled – The Athletic


With the 2020-21 Premier League season just hours away and the end of the transfer window slowly looming, now is the time to assess how each team has tinkered with their squad. Who is well supplied in the field? Who are the unsung players who could have good seasons? Who else could dive into the market for a bit more depth? Here we’ll go through each of the 20 Premier League teams and answer these questions and more.

Before starting, a little cleaning. Each team was screened with the help of Athletic’s Premier League thoroughbred team. Players considered are those expected to play at least one role in the team’s Premier League season, with the rest filtered out. There will naturally be some omissions that we haven’t seen coming, player sales impacting things and income that turns a team’s profile upside down.

To talk about the profile of the team we’re going to …


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