Essex Coronavirus: Schools in Essex that have had confirmed cases of Covid-19


At least 8 schools in Essex have been closed or partially closed due to confirmed cases of Covid-19. Since the students returned just over two weeks ago, there have been cases of school closures across the country.

In our own county, weekly reports from teachers or students tested positive for the virus and action was taken.

Some schools have been able to close single “bubbles”, which may involve only one class or sometimes an entire year.

Others chose to close the whole school as a precaution before reopening after assessing the situation.

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Three days ago, the most recent school was St John Payne Catholic School in Chelmsford, which announced that a pupil had tested positive for the virus.

All the pupils who were in the immediate vicinity of the pupil were sent home.

Unfortunately, given that the rate of R has increased and cases continue as well, it is likely that disruption to schools due to Covid-19 will continue.

Below is a list of all schools in Essex that have had confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford

Great Baddow High School

On September 10, Great Baddow High School in Chelmsford confirmed that one of their students had been diagnosed positive with Covid-19.

Headmaster Mr Paul Farmer said it was a grade 13 student who tested positive and the school was working with Public Health England.

He said the students had a “calm, mature and calm return to school” and praised “the effort and commitment of our staff.”

St John Payne Catholic School, Chelmsford

St John Payne Catholic School at Patching Hall Lane

What is believed to be the most recent case at a school in Essex, St John Payne on Thursday confirmed his first case of the virus.

The school said a grade 12 student tested positive for the virus.

As a precaution, the school sent home all students who were in the vicinity of the infected sixth grade student.

In a letter, the principal, Mr Coen, said: “We have received confirmation of our first case of Covid-19 within the student body. The student is in grade 12.

“In addition to being diagnosed and showing symptoms, they are otherwise well and able to continue their schoolwork.

“A number of students already confirmed to have been near (within 1m) of the student will be sent home.

“We have reported to Public Health England and will continue to identify all students and staff who have been nearby.

“Appropriate cleaning processes will be implemented in the affected areas. We will continue to receive advice from PHE and have had extensive contact with a local school that has had confirmed cases in recent days. “

Ravens Academy, Clacton-on-Sea

On Wednesday the 16th, the Ravens Academy in Clacton announced that two members of their “daycare community” had tested positive for Covid-19.

They issued a letter reassuring that most people who have the virus will only be mild illness.

“The small number of children who have been in direct and prolonged contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been contacted directly and will stay home for 14 days,” he said.

“For all the other students, the framework remains open and your child should continue to attend if he is well. “

Jo Richardson School, Dagenham

A case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Jo Richardson

On Monday the 14th, the Jo Richardson school in Dagenham confirmed a case of coronavirus.

In a letter to parents, the director confirmed that Public Health England had informed them of the case.

The school said it was monitoring the situation and reassured parents not to worry.

The school has remained open and children who are feeling well have been invited to attend.

In a letter, they said: “If your child develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should stay home for at least 10 days from the date their symptoms first appeared.

“All other members of the household who remain in good health should stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days.

“The 14-day period begins from the day the first person in the house fell ill. “

Wilbury Primary School, Enfield

Wilbury Elementary School in Enfield

Just a day after the students returned to school on September 7, the school was forced to close a “bubble class” after a student tested positive for the virus.

They made the decision to close the “bubble class” for 14 days.

A statement on their website read: ‘As you may know, we had a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Wilbury Elementary School.

“We spoke to Public Health England and followed national guidelines.

“On their advice, we closed the ‘bubble’ class where the child was on Monday and it will be closed for 14 days.

Freshwaters Primary Academy, Harlow

The Freshwaters Primary Academy closed on Tuesday 8 after a number of students exhibited symptoms of coronavirus.

The school has announced that it will remain closed until negative test results come back.

At the time, they said: “Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the test results to come back.

“We cannot open any of the bubbles until we have received confirmation of a negative result.

“Thank you all for supporting with us during this very difficult time. “

Sweyne Park School, Rayleigh

Sweyne Park School in Rayleigh

On September 8, a staff member at Sweyne Park School tested positive for the virus.

Any other staff member or student who came into close contact with the affected person was sent home.

A thorough cleaning of all necessary areas within the school took place on September 8 and the school remained open to all students and staff who were not affected by the incident.

Thorpedene Primary School, Southend

Thorpedene Primary School in Southend

On Monday the 14th, all first graders at Thorpedene Primary School were sent home after a child tested positive for Covid-19.

Parents received a text message in the morning to alert them and parents of first graders were urged to pick up their child immediately.

It was only the year the group bubble returned home.

There are a number of other schools that have reportedly had confirmed cases of Covid-19 but we are awaiting confirmation.


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