Emergency order issued to close Gord Downie Pier, Breakwater Park Beach – Kingston News


Following consultations with KFL & A Public Health and Kingston Police, Kingston City Mayor Bryan Paterson has decided to close Gord Downie Pier and Breakwater Park Beach effective Saturday, September 5, 2020.”In discussions with Dr Moore and the Kingston Police, it became clear that the large crowds at Gord Downie Pier and the beach at Breakwater Park made it too difficult to maintain or enforce physical distance.” Paterson said in a post explaining the decision.

“Public safety remains my top priority, so based on Dr. Moore’s recommendation, I have issued an amended emergency order to close the pier and beach for the remainder of the season. The remainder of Breakwater Park remains open for use with physical distancing. ”

The ordinance was made by amending the existing emergency ordinance already in place and prohibiting the public from using this area of ​​the park at any time. Although the beach is closed, the rest of the breakwater will still be accessible to the public and subject to the 2 meter distance requirement under the current emergency order.

“The City is working closely with Kingston Police and KFL & A Public Health to address the potential risks of COVID-19 in the community. Today’s closure of Breakwater Park Beach and Gord Downie Pier on the recommendation of Public Health respects their expertise in this pandemic and is another step in protecting the health of our community, ”a statement said. City of Kingston Press Release.

“This follows concerns about the failure to adhere to physical distancing recommendations by a large number of people who have continued to congregate on the beach at Breakwater Park and Gord Downie Pier. This follows the implementation of an emergency order issued on September 4 by Mayor Bryan Paterson under Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) to ensure physical distancing is observed in all city parks.

The emergency order will remain in effect for 28 days unless revoked earlier and may be extended for an additional period.

Other city parks remain open, but the emergency order requires individuals to maintain a physical distance of at least two meters from each other. Exceptions are made for members of a single household or the same family or for groups of ten or less.

Interim Orders fall under the powers made available under the Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness Act, after Mayor Paterson declared a state of emergency on March 26, 2020. Under By-law 2020-068 , the head of city council may issue orders that are deemed necessary and essential in the circumstances to prevent or mitigate harm to individuals.


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