Ellen Pompeo “hated” medical exhibitions, so here’s why she accepted the role of Meredith Gray


There’s no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Gray, and the same goes for the character’s real alter ego, Ellen Pompeo. The Shondaland actor has starred since the series premiered in 2005. But despite playing Meredith for over a decade – and it’s not over – Pompeo isn’t the greatest. fan of medical shows.

Why Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo hates medical shows

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In an interview with Parade published in 2013, Pompeo was asked about her favorite medical drama. Then the actor explained that it wasn’t exactly his thing.

“To be honest, I hated medical shows,” Pompeo said at the time. “They make me very anxious. I don’t like medical exhibitions at all. I have never. ”

She continued, “The show that was really big back then for my generation – before I started Grey’s – was IS. It was forever. But I never saw a single episode.

Now it looks like Pompeo has finally watched a few IS episodes. But his feelings about medical shows haven’t changed.

“You know, I hated medical shows,” Pompeo told Dax Shepard on the Chair expert Podcast. “I had watched two episodes of IS, and both times I thought I was dying.

Why Ellen Pompeo decided to sue “Grey’s Anatomy”

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray in “Grey’s Anatomy” | Kelsey McNeal / ABC via Getty Images

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Obviously, Pompeo decided to take the lead role in Grey’s Anatomy, despite the hatred of medical broadcasts. So what inspired her to participate? Speaking with Shepard, Pompeo revealed that her agent convinced her to take the gig.

” So[[[[Grey’s Anatomy]was not an audition, it was an offer, ”Pompeo said, adding that she was doing small roles in films at the time. She also didn’t want to be “stuck” on a show for six years. But eventually, she needed to think about her finances.

“I needed the money,” Pompeo said. “So my agent was just like, ‘You know, Ellen, just do this pilot. Take the money. These things never go … You’re not going to be stuck on a show for six years because that stuff is never going to go. None of them leave. “

Ellen Pompeo reveals why she chose to stay on Grey’s Anatomy for so long

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Of course, Pompeo’s agent was wrong. Grey’s Anatomy has become the longest-running prime-time medical drama of all time. And now, the ABC series won’t end until Pompeo and designer Shonda Rhimes decide it’s time. Then speaking on the Chair expert podcast, Pompeo hinted that she wanted to “get out sooner rather than later.”

“At this point, having done what we’ve been doing, leaving when the show is still on top is definitely a goal,” she said. “I’m not trying to stay on the show forever, no way. ”

But even so, Pompeo still chose to stay all these years. Even if it wasn’t for fame or success. On the Jemele Hill is not disturbed podcast, Pompeo touched on the reason she didn’t go Grey’s Anatomy.

“I made choices to stay on the show,” Pompeo said. “For me, personally, a healthy family life was more important than a career… I made the decision to earn money and not to seek out creative acting roles.”

Whenever Pompeo decides to leave Meredith behind, most Grey’s Anatomy fans are simply grateful for the actor sticking around for over 16 seasons. But as they say, the carousel never stops spinning and you can’t get off. So we’ll just have to see where the journey takes us.

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