Ellen DeGeneres would never have this 1 public figure on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”


Since the show’s debut on September 8, 2003, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has featured countless celebrities and public figures as guests, hosts and co-hosts. Since the toxic work environment allegations, DeGeneres may have a harder time attracting guests to the show. However, she would still never allow this public figure to be on her show.

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Is “The Ellen Degeneres Show” coming back?

Although it has been said that Ellen DeGeneres could quit her longtime daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will return on September 21, 2020. According to Deadline, the host will resume filming on the Warner Bros. without a hearing due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The comedian promises to address all allegations of the toxic work environment when the series returns.

“I can’t wait to get back to work and get back to our studio,” DeGeneres said in a statement. “And, yes, we’re going to talk about it.

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The first week’s guest list includes Tiffany Haddish, Kerry Washington, Alec Baldwin and Chrissy Teigen. Additional guests throughout the first month include Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Adam Sandler, and Orlando Bloom.

Ellen Degeneres would never invite this public figure to appear on the show

In September 2020, Ellen DeGeneres spoke with Megyn Kelly about inviting President Donald Trump to his new show, Megyn Kelly today. Kelly said she would “definitely” have the President on her show. However, DeGeneres felt differently.

“I’m coming in, you know, he’s who he is, and he’s got enough attention, and he’s got his Twitter account, and he’s got ways to get his point across,” the host began. “There’s nothing I’m going to tell him that’s going to change him, and I don’t want to give him a platform because it validates him.

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DeGeneres added that she expected to receive many tweets after making the statement.

“And in order for me to have someone on the show, I really have to at least have to admire them in some way,” she explained. “I can’t have someone who in my opinion is not only dangerous to the country and to me personally as a gay woman, but to the world. He divides us all, and I think I don’t want him on the show.

In the comments of the video, Degeneres received mixed comments about his stance

“Very disappointed that instead of trying to bring peace, you continued with the hatred that the left started!” a Twitter user wrote. “You don’t have love for everyone!”

Some fans have suggested that inviting President Trump to his show might be a way to discuss important issues. They told her to practice what she preaches about kindness to all.

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“I respect your decision, but what if you could provide answers and peace by doing so?” One user tweeted. “Unite instead of dividing?” You might be surprised?

While many fans reacted negatively, others agreed with what the host had to say.

“She was on point, absolutely right,” replied another fan.


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