Electric-only gas station network boosts electric car adoption


Gas stations are useful things, aren’t they? You can obviously fill your car with fuel, but how can you secretly indulge in a sneaky chocolate bar, finally grab the bottle of screen cleaner you need to get all those bugs out – and grab a bunch of flowers for it. (temporarily) forgotten birthday or anniversary?All of that will change with electric cars. No gasoline, no gas station.

After all, according to charger supplier BP Chargemaster, 80% of us will charge our electric vehicles at home. Why go elsewhere to pay more for the same electricity?

Because while home charging is the best option for the vast majority of uses, sometimes we need to leave this comfort zone and travel beyond the range of our electric vehicle (although the range will increase in vehicle models. electric over the next few years, which alleviates the anxiety of most autonomy. ‘). This can be for work, to visit friends and family (when again allowed), or to get away from it all while on vacation.

There are already many public chargers in the country – around 34,000 according to the current tally – but the infrastructure will need to evolve, while becoming more efficient and sustainable, over the next few years to accommodate more electric vehicles on our roads. .


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