Eddy Grant sues Trump campaign for using ‘Electric Avenue’


By Paul LeBlanc | CNNMusician Eddy Grant continues President Donald Trump’s campaign for the use of his hit song “Electric Avenue” in a video attacking Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Grant said in a complaint filed Tuesday that Trump and his campaign “continued to willfully and wrongfully infringe the copyrights of plaintiffs. As of the date of this filing, the infringing video is still available on Twitter. “

The lawsuit stems from a video tweeted by the president last month that features an animated train with its campaign logo speeding through a city as Biden slowly follows in a railroad car. Grant’s song runs for the duration of the video, which by Tuesday afternoon has more than 13 million views.

The video ends with letters spelling “Biden Train” falling from the screen.

A day after the video was posted, Grant’s attorney Wallace EJ Collins issued a cease and desist letter to the Trump campaign explaining that Grant is the “sole and exclusive holder of the legitimate copyright. of musical composition, ”according to a press release on Grant’s website.

In the letter, Collins wrote “As a result of your unauthorized misuse in connection with your controversial political campaign, significant and irreparable damage has occurred and will continue to occur to my client and his reputation as an artist when he is affiliated in any way. with your campaign. ”

Collins added that the use of Grant’s music indicates “a fundamental misunderstanding of the very meaning of the underlying work.”

Grant said in a statement following the cease-and-desist letter: “I call on such an arbiter, responsible for this sordid abuse, to come forward as a man and deal with this problem, the way that America demands when such problems need to be sorted out, especially when they are wrong. ”

“Sir. Trump, I’m calling you. You are the final arbiter and I am waiting for the word from you.

The Trump campaign has repeatedly prompted warnings and lawsuits from a list of different musical artists for using their work, including Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, and critics of the late Tom Petty’s family.


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