EastEnders fans will be ‘moved by Chantelle’s strength’ in heartbreaking final scenes


EastEnders boss Jon Sen has shared a heartbreaking glimpse into Chantelle Atkins’ final scenes, before her shocking death. The character will be tragically murdered by her husband Gray Atkins in the upcoming scenes.

Gray and Chantelle have been at the center of a devastating domestic violence scenario since the start of last year, when the abuse has been confirmed to have lasted much longer.

Now, after a difficult lockdown where the abuse escalated, Chantelle is preparing her big breakout.

In a devastating turn of events however, she dies at the hands of her attacker.

EastEnders boss Jon Sen shared a heartbreaking glimpse into Chantelle Atkins’ latest scenes

Executive producer Jon has now revealed some details about Chantelle’s final moments, before her devastating death.

Speaking about the twist and why they chose this route for the script, Jon explained the importance of the scenes.

He then revealed that viewers would be “moved” by the character’s strength against her evil husband in his final moments.

Chantelle will be tragically murdered by her husband Gray Atkins

He explained, “Chantelle’s story is so important to accurately tell and when creating the two characters we planned her tragic end with the intention of incorporating the harsh reality of domestic violence into the heart of the story. Atkins family.

“Being able to shed light on the realities of what goes on behind closed doors has never been more crucial given the heartbreaking statistics resulting from the current pandemic and hopefully Chantelle’s story will cheer people up. talk to someone they trust and get support. that they need.

“Jessica’s performance is simply extraordinary and even in her final scenes, audiences will be moved by Chantelle’s strength.

New EastEnders trailer teased Chantelle danger

“We’re so sorry to see Jessica go, but let’s hope her impact on viewers is lasting. ”

Speaking of her impending release, actress Jessica Plummer shared her reaction to the twist.

She said: “It was such a privilege to play Chantelle and to be able to tell her story.

Chantelle will show strength until the end

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“Unfortunately, what she is going through is all too common and her death is reminiscent of the devastating effect of domestic violence.

“I knew this was not going to end well for Chantelle for a while now and although it was a shock to discover her fate, far too many men and women suffer in silence, so I hope that by raising awareness we can ultimately save lives. ”

She added, “I am so grateful to the entire team and my lovely cast members for their support, I will miss Albert Square! ”

EastEnders returns to BBC One on Monday at 8:05 p.m.


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