Dr Dre’s ex justifies his request for monthly support of $ 2 million


Nicole Young, Dr Dre’s ex-wife, explained why she claims she needs $ 2 million a month in temporary spousal support in a new legal deposit.

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Dr Dre Nicole Young

In legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Nicole asks for $ 1,936,399 to cover her expenses, indicating that she needs $ 100,000 per month for her mortgage and $ 900,000 per month in entertainment. She also exposes the cost of more monthly essentials, saying she needs $ 135,000 a month for clothes and $ 20,000 a month for her cell phone, email and phone.

Nicole, who is currently staying with the duo in Malibu, Calif., Claims that Dre cut off access to his American Express Black card, which he allegedly paid for.

At the end of June, Nicole filed for divorce from the hip hop mogul, to whom she was married for 24 years. It was later revealed that the duo had a prenuptial agreement, but it became a point of contention.

Nicole had previously claimed to have signed the documents “reluctantly” under pressure from the rapper and his team. She also said that Dre, worth around $ 1 billion, tore up the deal a few years after their marriage began, which he denies.

Dr Dre et al.  posing for the camera: Dr Dre, ex wife Nicole Young

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Dr Dre, ex wife Nicole Young

In her new documentation, Nicole also alleged that Dre has “a history of violence and coercive control, both before and during the marriage.”

Although TMZ doesn’t give details of her claims, she did detail a text message Dre allegedly sent her after the divorce.

“Why are you ignoring me? Why are you ignoring me… should I come see you? He would have texted her.

Nicole found the message “scary”.

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