Donald Trump to appoint Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court – live | American News


Donald Trump Supreme Court appointment of Amy Coney Barrett expected, to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, draws attention to a secret Catholic “covenant community” called People of praise who counts Barrett as a member and faces allegations of membership in a “highly authoritarian” structure.The 48-year-old court of appeal judge said she was a “faithful Catholic” but that her religious beliefs “would not be useful in carrying out my duties as a judge”.

At the same time, the Louisiana native and Notre Dame law graduate, a favorite among Trump’s evangelical Christian base, said legal careers should not be seen as a way to gain satisfaction, prestige or money. , but rather ” as a way to serve God».

Interviews with experts who have studied charismatic Christian groups such as People of Praise, and with former members of the group, as well as a review of the group’s own literature, reveal an organization that appears to dominate the daily lives of some. members, in which the so-called “leaders” – or spiritual advisers – make big decisions in life and in which the members must support each other financially.

Married women – like Barrett – see their husbands as their “bosses” and all members should donate 5% of their income to the organization.

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