Donald Trump ordered British Ambassador Kim Darroch fired after cables leak


Mr Bolton, who was then White House national security adviser but has since left, explained in detail to the Daily Telegraph how the president reacted and what happened next.“The most difficult issue between the US and UK has been when some of the UK Ambassador’s return cables became public,” Mr Bolton said, recalling his year to the White House.

“I think the morning they appeared Trump called me and said ‘get him out of here.’ I mean at seven in the morning or six in the morning. Early. I was in the office but even for Trump it was early.

“So I called [Sir Mark] Sedwill. It was in the British press, obviously everyone knew that. I said “it’s not going to end well, you have to take it off”.

“He obviously didn’t want to do it. And I said, “I understand why you don’t want to do it. I’m just saying we’re at a time when things are going to get worse unless you figure out how to get it out ”.

“So it dragged on for a few days until I think they finally figured out it wasn’t a plus for anyone and then took it off. “


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