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The president hopes to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg earlier this month. In contested elections, the Supreme Court could play a decisive role in the selection of the winner, as it did in 2000 with George W. Bush against Al Gore.

Speaking to reporters about his new candidate, Mr Trump said: “I think it’s better if you go before the election because I think this scam that Democrats are pulling is a scam, this scam will be before the Supreme Court of the United States.President Trump has repeatedly insisted, without providing any evidence, that his Democratic rivals were working to rig the November presidential election using postal ballots.

Earlier this month, he said the elections would be “absolutely rigged” in “many polling stations”.

Mr Trump has repeatedly refused to say he would concede if defeated in November by his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Mr Trump claimed, without providing any evidence, that the election could be “absolutely rigged” (Image: GETTY)


Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18 (Image: GETTY)

A poll released in September found that 75% of Mr Biden’s voters feared Mr Trump will refuse to concede if defeated.

However, Vice President Mike Pence insisted that the President would “absolutely” accept the election result if defeated.

Democrats are furious that Mr. Trump is seeking to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat ahead of the November election, underscoring Republicans’ refusal to endorse Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s choice in 2016, ahead of that presidential election. year.

In the event of a contested election, the Supreme Court could be decisive in the selection of the winner.

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Mike Pence by Judge Ginsburg lying in the coffin in Washington DC (Image: GETTY)

In the contested 2000 election, he settled the dispute between Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore by halting a recount in Florida and giving Mr. Bush the victory.

Mr Gore accepted that decision and conceded, but there are fears the process might not be that simple this time around.

President Trump has released a shortlist of five women he is considering to replace Judge Ruth Bader.

Two of them, judges Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa, emerged as the favorites.

As Supreme Court justices can stay in court for life, Mr. Trump’s choice could influence US policy for decades to come.


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Mourners pay tribute to Judge Ginsburg in Washington DC (Image: GETTY)


Tributes to Justice Ginsburg at the United States Supreme Court (Image: GETTY)

As Supreme Court justices can stay in court for life, Mr. Trump’s choice could influence US policy for decades to come.

Reacting to the death of Judge Ginsburg on September 18, Mr. Trump commented, “She has led an incredible life.

“What else can you say? She was an incredible woman who led an incredible life. I am actually sad to hear that.

Mr Biden also paid tribute to the late Supreme Court judge, saying she embodied “America’s highest ideas of equality and justice before the law.”

However, the Democratic candidate also insisted that only the next president has the power to choose his replacement.

He commented: “Voters should choose the president, and the president should choose justice for the Senate to consider.

“This was the position the Republican Senate took in 2016, almost 10 months before the election.


A vigil for Judge Ginsburg in New York (Image: GETTY)

“This is the position the United States Senate must take today.”

There are fears that a contested election could throw the United States into a constitutional crisis, with the potential for violence on the streets.

In August 2020, the Transition Integrity Project, a bipartisan group, released a report stating, “We believe President Trump is likely to challenge the outcome through both legal and extra-legal means, in an attempt to retain power. . “


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