Dominick Reyes bemoans inactivity after loss of UFC 253 title fight: “I have to pull the trigger”


Dominick Reyes doesn’t have to think too hard to figure out what went wrong on Saturday.

The light heavyweight contender failed in his second consecutive UFC 253 world title crack, losing by second-round TKO to Jan Blachowicz in the evening’s main co-event. From the start it was Blachowicz who controlled the action and until the final blows of the fight, Reyes never seemed to get out of first gear.

Reyes admitted this in a tweet he sent shortly after his loss.

“Well f * ck!” Reyes wrote. “I have to pull the trigger !!! It only remains to get up. Congratulations to Jan, an incredible performance.

According to UFC stats, Reyes landed 21 strikes of 51 attempts in just under 10 minutes of cage action. He was nearly passed by Blachowicz (41 of 89) and his output fell far short of the fiery effort he put in when he challenged Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title at UFC 247 in February. Reyes lost this fight by unanimous decision, even though a large contingent of media and fans believed Reyes deserved the victory.

On Saturday, there was no doubt that Blachowicz was the best fighter. Reyes has now lost two consecutive fights after starting his career 12-0.

He also wrote an Instagram post, adding “Not all lessons from God are good.


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