Diversity’s Jordan Banjo hits back at troll as ‘shame’ after BGT BLM performance


Jordan Banjo hit back at a nasty troll calling him “shame” after Diversity’s BLM-inspired performance on Britain’s Got Talent.Former BGT winners poignantly recounted the murder of George Floyd and the BLM protests earlier this month.

He has since received over 20,000 Ofcom complaints, but ITV has supported Ashley Banjo and her band mates at Diversity.

Jordan, who said the complaints are making him sick, took to Twitter tonight to thank the broadcaster for his full support.

Jordan Banjo hit back at a troll tonight

The dancer also targeted a troll calling him “disgrace”.

Sharing ITV’s statement earlier today, Jordan tweeted with a raised hands emoji: “Thank you @ITV. ”

But a Twitter user wrote in response: ‘You are a disgrace to all street dancers in the UK. “

BGT’s BLM Inspired Performance Received Over 20,000 Ofcom Complaints

Jordan retaliated wryly with a series of crying, laughing emojis as he wrote, “Quite a demographic niche out there. ”

And her followers were in full support of the dancer, with one writing, “Pay no attention to the non-saying, your performance and the statement she made was timely and brilliant. The fact that you are being yelled at proves that we have a problem with racism. ”

While another commented, “I can’t help but laugh at these idiots now. Rolling Eyed Face loves the way you deal with all this stupidity Jord. ”

A third wrote: “I really love you Jordan”.


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