Denise Welch accuses Piers Morgan of ‘absolute lies’ as Covid feud escalates


The feud between Denise Welch and Piers Morgan has escalated to a notch as the Loose Women star accuses GMB co-host of lying about her.Anyone who follows Denise on Twitter will know that she has strong opinions on the lockdown measures and the pandemic, urging the government to start lifting the restrictions.

Piers, on the other hand – who has been outspoken throughout the pandemic – thinks differently and insists the pandemic is still very dangerous.

While the two have traded beards online in the past, the pandemic has brought their rivalry to the fore as their disagreement has turned into a heated argument.

Earlier today, Piers bluntly tweeted: “Dumb, tricked and dangerous Covid deniers like Denise Welch must stop being granted airtime.

“Her silly, ill-informed ramblings – from a woman who keeps telling us she has a mental illness – will cost lives by persuading people to think the virus is not a threat. ”

Denise has been open about her mental health issues in the past, especially her years of battling depression.

She returned to Piers: “Please ask Mr Morgan to show me a tweet, an interview where I denied Covid?”

“He doesn’t mean utter, outright lies to such a huge audience. Seriously.

Piers isn’t backing down anytime soon

Nadia Sawalha, colleague and girlfriend of Denise Loose Women, floundered alongside him, scolding Piers: “I sincerely hope that neither @piersmorgan nor anyone he loves ever has to endure the pain of battling their sanity… @RealDeniseWelch a fucking good woman is what you are. ”

Not the type to back down, Piers replied to Nadia: “If I had a loved one with mental illness, I would stop them from going on TV to talk ill-informed nonsense that Covid was no longer a threat.” serious. ”

And Denise came back to defend her friend, writing, “Basically, Piers Morgan started the 20-year ‘it’s good to talk’ campaign.

“Of course, people who have admitted to having mental health issues are unable to make rational decisions for themselves. Unbelievable !!!! “

Nadia, Denise’s colleague, launched into the debate

Nadia also came back to Piers: “What’s frustrating is when people’s opinions are dismissed or dismissed purely on the grounds of sanity – it’s a slippery slope… have the @piersmorgan argument… don’t tackle not on such a personal level …

“Can’t you be better than this?” @RealDeniseWelch. ”

Piers refused to be intimidated, adding, “Have you read or heard the torrent of abusive c ** p Mrs. Welch is aiming my way?”

Piers has been outspoken throughout the pandemic

“If you don’t want to get it back, don’t hand it out. And if you do, don’t hide behind ‘sanity’ when people respond. ”

The Twitter beef continues, with both sides undoubtedly having more to say.

Mirror Online has contacted representatives for Denise and Piers for any additional comments.

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