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Last week on Big Brother 22’s live show Dani and Nicole went out of their way to frame David, Da’Vonne and Kevin into believing the plan was to vote against Tyler and not Ian. Nicole voted the other way, why the other three joined the plan. And this week, the three of them are feeling the heat.

It really doesn’t make sense to me why Nicole and Dani had to do this since they are already in alliance with the whole house and Da’Vonne, David and Kevin were already going to be the next targets. But I’m not here to editorialize, even though it pissed me off. So let’s go to the recap.

Sunday night’s episode picks up as the HOH roster unfolds, but first let’s get back to the night of the evictions. Ian is trying to get last minute votes. Da’Vonne and Kevin think Nicole and David are voting with them and Dani is going to break the tie. But Nicole will not vote that way.

So when Ian came out, Da’Vonne and Kevin put the blame on David and not Nicole.

Now back to the HOH competition. David is upset with this vote he’s been accused of, so he’s aiming for HOH. And Da’Vonne too. But everyone too… and as this season refuses to give us a change of power, it’s Memphis who wins this HOH competition.

And of course David is nervous. Memphis has already put it together and always seems to be on its radar. Memphis lets us know he’s been trying to do something all season. We can only assume that he wants to target David.

Kevin and Da’Vonne don’t believe David voted with them, so David is really confused. Meanwhile, Dani and Nicole laugh at how fun it was to frame David.

Now, it’s time for more fake Nicole Diary Rooms where she pretends to hate lying but was forced to. She works very hard to maintain her image with fans who don’t watch the live streams.

Da’Vonne decides to ask David why he turned around. He said no and if he did, he would tell him. Tells herself that people told her not to trust him and that she still trusted him. He said someone is using them.

David gets angry and starts screaming because it was impossible for him to play the game without being targeted or framed. And Dani finds that hilarious.

It’s time for the new Have-Not Selections. There are only two this week because Ian was kicked out. Da’Vonne is the first and she chooses Christmas. David chooses Cody. Noel is pissed off even though Noel just named Da’Vonne and kicked Bayleigh out.

David decides to speak to Memphis to see if she can find anything. Memphis tells David that if he agrees not to win the veto, he will keep him out of the block this week. They tremble on it.

And at the naming ceremony, Memphis sticks to that deal and names Da’Vonne and Kevin. But Memphis’s plan was from the start of backdoor David, but he didn’t even give any of that info to the DR before the ceremony, which is why we had such an odd suspense.


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