David Blaine flies over the Arizona desert holding helium balloons


The illusionist flew over the Arizona desert on Wednesday holding about 50 helium balloons.

The latest stunt, titled ‘Ascension’, is his most ambitious feat to date.

“Every shot I made was about enduring and pushing beyond what I thought was possible,” Blaine said in a video before the performance. “I can’t imagine a lot of people would dream of doing this. ”

It started its ascent on Wednesday morning and the performance lasted about an hour from takeoff to landing. The event was broadcast live on YouTube.

Although its original goal was to reach an altitude of about 18,000 feet, it ended up floating at 24,900 feet – or about 4.7 miles – before skydiving and parachuting on the ground.

” Sensational! He exclaimed as he landed. “It was awesome! “


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