Daniel Prude: police union says police have received training


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Daniel Prude died a week after being detained by police

US police officers involved in the suffocation death of a black man were undergoing their training “step by step”, the chief of the officers’ union said.

Daniel Prude – who suffered from mental health problems – died after being placed in a “hood,” designed to protect police officers from inmate saliva.

The mayor on Thursday suspended the seven Rochester police officers involved.

Mr Prude, 41, died in March, but his death was just reported after a body camera video was posted.

His death came two months before that of George Floyd, whose murder in custody sparked widespread outrage and spurred national and international protests against police brutality and racism.

The suspension of officers this week is the first disciplinary action taken in the wake of Mr Prude’s death. Contract rules mean officers will still be paid while on leave, according to city officials.

“To me, it looks like they were watching practice in front of them,” Michael Mazzaeo, president of the Rochester Police Locust Club, said on Friday. “If there’s a problem with that, let’s change it. ”

Mr Mazzaeo further defended the officers, saying they were in a difficult position trying to help someone who appeared to be mentally ill and did not intend to harm Mr Mazzaeo. Prude.

The spindle cover is standard equipment for officers, he said.

How did Daniel Prude die?

Mr Prude’s brother Joe said he called the police on March 23 as Daniel showed acute mental health issues. When the officers arrived, he was running naked through the streets in light snow.

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Mr Prude died in March, but his death has barely been reported

Police body camera video obtained by the family shows Mr. Prude lying on the ground as officers restrain him. Mr. Prude, who was not carrying a weapon, can be seen immediately complying with the officers.

Sitting on the road, he becomes restless, alternately asking for money or a gun.

He repeatedly spits on the ground, but does not appear to offer physical resistance, according to the footage.

An officer says Mr Prude told them he had Covid-19, and they put the hood on him.

An officer can be seen pressing Mr. Prude’s head with both hands, saying “stop spitting”. Mr. Prude stops moving and is silent, and the officers note that he is cold.

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Paramedics are called and Mr. Prude is transported to hospital in an ambulance. His family abducted him a few days later, on March 30.

The Monroe County medical examiner ruled Mr Prude’s death a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxiation as part of physical restraint,” according to a post-mortem examination.

The autopsy report also cited “excited delirium” and acute poisoning with phencyclidine, or the drug PCP, as contributing factors.

New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office has opened an investigation into Mr. Prude’s death and Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for the case to be concluded “as quickly as possible.”


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