CRM giant Salesforce to acquire Mobify in Vancouver – business news


A Vancouver tech company best known for its e-commerce platform is on par with a small business.

Silicon Valley-based CRM giant Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Mobify Research and Development Inc. following a multi-year partnership between the two companies.

“Upon closing, we look forward to joining the Salesforce family and partnering with even more Salesforce customers to unleash the freedom and flexibility to differentiate their digital customer experiences,” wrote Mobify CEO Igor Faletski, in a blog post on September 4.

Terms of the transaction and an expected closing date were not disclosed.

Mobify, headquartered in downtown Vancouver, specializes in optimizing retailer websites across multiple platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Brands such as Under Armor Inc. use Mobify to make it easier to create their own online stores.

The acquisition agreement will see Mobify deliver to Salesforce what Faletski described as “a modern storefront solution that will allow brands to personalize their commerce experiences faster and more frequently, deliver an enhanced shopping experience on the go. any channel and further increase conversion and revenue to drive success. in the digital economy first. ”

This isn’t Mobify’s first acquisition deal – however, the last time it went the other way.

In 2016, Mobify acquired another BC technology company, Pathful, with the goal of acquiring technology capable of advanced machine learning to study and adapt to user behavior.

Faletski told BIV at the time that the deal would help his company deliver personalized messages sent to customers on behalf of brands, adding that it would reduce the amount of “spammy” messages people receive.

Mobify has a long history of strong ties with West Coast organizations, Vancouver-based Vistara Capital Partners, participating in a $ 15 million fundraising round for the company in 2017.


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