CRA says CERB payments will be filed by weekend


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) says claimants can expect to have their Canadian Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) filed before the weekend, after many people online said they did not have received their payments earlier this week as scheduled.Many of those who rely on the monthly $ 2,000 benefit to cover food, rent and bills have expressed anxiety and frustration on social media over waiting longer to see the money deposited into their accounts. Many also said they had not been able to get clear answers from the CRA about the delays.

An ARC spokesperson said the agency was “overly cautious” in ensuring that payments go to eligible beneficiaries due to recent cyber attacks. The agency said payments are expected to be deposited later today or Friday.

The CRA shut down its online services last month after confirming it was affected by two cyber attacks that compromised thousands of accounts linked to its services.

Services connected to My Account, My Business Account, and Represent a Client on the CRA website have been temporarily disabled for additional security.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed the “hiccups” in processing that many Canadians were reporting delays in receiving their CERB payments.

“We are working on some of the challenges because there has been an extension. There may be a few small issues, but we have said from the start that we will be there for Canadians and we will continue to be there for them. He told VOCM News in St. John’s.

The CRA said there were actually no issues or hiccups. Many CERB applicants applied for the monthly benefit on Monday and expected the filing within a day or two, as has been the case in recent months.

“The Canada Revenue Agency understands how important the CERB is to Canadians during this time and we want to assure applicants that they will receive the payments to which they are entitled,” spokesman Etienne Biram said in a statement. email.

“As part of its ongoing commitment to quality customer service, the CRA aims to have CERB payments made by direct deposit be issued within three to five business days of receiving a request and within 10 working days for payments by check. with our timely service standards for payment processing. The CRA expects the vast majority of payments to be issued within this timeframe. ”

Extended CERB

Last month, the federal government announced it was extending CERB by one month and reorganizing Employment Insurance (EI) to allow more people to receive financial assistance during the pandemic.

These changes, which are designed to help Canadians through the transition as the economy gradually reopens, are expected to cost $ 37 billion.

The changes include making the EI system more flexible on the number of hours of work required for a claim, making it easier for people to qualify for a one-year period.


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