COVID NYC Update: First PPE Store Of Its Kind Now Open In Herald Square


HERALD SQUARE, Manhattan (WABC) – A one-of-a-kind New York City store that sells COVID-related security products for homes and businesses is now open in Herald Square. CV-19 Essential sells everything from disinfectants to cellphones and portable air purifiers with plexiglass dividers and UV lamps, and the public is encouraged to check out the store’s Safe Zone interactive experience center where they can try out the gadgets.Tony Park, owner of New York’s popular Samwon Garden Korean barbecue, was expanding his delivery menu in mid-March to include treatment packages that patrons could use to replicate restaurant food in the comfort of their own homes. also added masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer to every order as the items were in high demand at the time and made customers order delivery and feel safe.

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As it weathered the PPE shortage and installed additional safety measures at its restaurants and residential properties – including UV light systems, thermal facial devices, antimicrobial films, plexiglass and water systems. toilet sanitation – word got around that he had unique sanitation equipment and an idea was born.

“Everyone kept coming to me and saying ‘oh, I need more wipes, sanitizer, I don’t know where to get the alcohol wipes, or there is no plexiglass in New York ‘, so I started importing plexiglass by the container, and then I had this whole product, ”Park said.

Soon after, Park founded CV-19 Essential, which opened to the public on Wednesday.

The growing list of customers includes the newly opened greenhouse concept Gnoccheria, Keste Pizza and Vino, Essen, Scarpetta, David Burke Tavern, The Elizabeth Morrow School (New Jersey School), New Bank, Lenwich and Moinian Group.

“The store’s goal is to serve more communities and serve people from all walks of life, whether it’s a family wanting to make their apartment safer or a retail or restaurant owner like me, from a company that wants to make its office safe for its employees a school, I want to put my knowledge to work for people, ”Park said.

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The CV19 Essential Store and Safe Zone Interactive Experience Center is located at 41 West 35th Street and is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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