Covid: Morrisons limits sales of disinfectant and toilet rolls


Morrisons shoppers face restrictions on the number of items they can purchase to avoid panic buying.

The supermarket chain has set a limit of three items per customer on certain ranges, including toilet paper rolls and disinfectants.

He said the stock levels “were good” but the company wanted to “make sure they were available for everyone”.

The British Retail Consortium said supply chains are “stronger than ever”.

Morrisons, based in Bradford, said the restrictions would be posted around the edges of shelves at checkouts.

A spokesperson said, “We have some products with year round limits like paracetamol and so it works the same. “

Shelves at some stores were recently sold out after the government warned of increasing cases of coronavirus across the UK and the possibility of stricter lockdowns.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) urged consumers to be considerate of others and to “shop as usual”.

Despite scenes in some stores, supermarket giants Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Aldi said they had “good availability” earlier in the week and had not yet experienced a shortage.

Tesco added that its online capacity had nearly doubled, from 600,000 weekly delivery slots in March to 1.5 million in September.

BRC Food and Sustainability Director Andrew Opie said: “Supply chains are stronger than ever and we do not anticipate any issues with availability of food or other commodities under a future lockdown. .

“Nonetheless, we urge consumers to be attentive to others and to shop as they normally would. “

Meanwhile, Asda is set to enforce face mask rules more strictly in its stores amid the pandemic.

Customers who do not have a blanket when they enter a store will be offered a pack of disposable masks that they can pay for at the end of their trip.

The firm announced Wednesday that it would create 1,000 new roles of “security commissioner” in its 639 UK stores.

Dedicated staff will remind shoppers to wear face masks in store and provide customers with sanitized shopping baskets upon arrival.

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