COVID Live Updates: Infected children at daycare spread coronavirus at home, CDC study finds


NEW YORK (WABC) – Children who caught the coronavirus in day care centers and day camp passed it on to loved ones, according to a new report which highlights that children can take the germ home and infect people with Scientists already know that children can spread the virus. But the study released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “definitely indicates – in a way that previous studies have struggled to do – the potential for transmission to family members,” said William Hanage, researcher. in Infectious Diseases at Harvard University.The results do not mean schools and child care programs should close, but they do confirm that the virus can spread to these places and be brought home by children. So, masks, disinfection, and social distancing are needed. And people working in such facilities should be careful and get tested if they think they are infected, experts said. Nearly three-fifths of people who respond to New Jersey’s COVID-19 contact tracers refuse to cooperate, said Democratic Governor Phil Murphy said Friday.

Murphy called on people to cooperate with the state’s nearly 1,800 contact tracers, whose ranks he has built in an effort to quell any new outbreaks.

He hinted that people were concerned that tracers would pass information on to law enforcement, especially those associated with underage drinking parties. But he sought to allay those concerns.

“This is not a witch hunt,” he said.

Overall, 82% of people who receive the first calls from trackers answer them. According to him, 59% refuse cooperation, which he describes as “bad news”.

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Here are some other headlines from today:

Teachers union calls for reopening delay
The United Teachers’ Federation is once again concerned about the reopening of schools in New York City after several staff members tested positive for COVID.

Spike in the cases at the University of Albany
The University of Albany is seeing a worrying spike in cases that could lead to in-person classes being closed. There have been 40 positive cases among SUNY Albany students since the start of the semester. The school says it is working with the county health department to isolate and quarantine affected students. Health officials say if the outbreak is not brought under control, the school will have to cancel all in-person activities.

COVID positive student attends CT school
A Connecticut school district faces a potential COVID-19 nightmare after a student infected with the virus goes to school. Meriden’s child was tested but did not have the results until he went to class, and he tested positive. School officials say the parents broke district rules and now the student’s entire class must be quarantined for 14 days.

“Jagged Little Pill” Star Gets Creative During Broadway Closes
This week marks a full six months since theaters turned dark. It’s unprecedented, and those who make a living on Broadway have had to get creative to keep busy. For Lauren Patten, the star of “Jagged Little Pill,” her show had to go dark as she finally made her mark after years of learning her trade. While she hopes to return to the stage next year as “Jo”, for now she no longer hears the applause every night.

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Back to school information
How the coronavirus changed the New York area
Do you have symptoms of coronavirus?
What’s open, what’s closed in the Tri-State zone
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