COVID Live Updates: Connecticut Needs Face Masks in Child Care Centers


NEW YORK (WABC) – Connecticut will soon adopt a new mask mandate that extends mask requirements for children three years and older. The new mandate comes into effect Monday.Children aged three and over should wear masks during child care programs.What to know about the coronavirus:
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Here are other headlines from today:

The first PPE store of its kind is now open in Herald Square
A one-of-a-kind New York store that sells COVID-related security products for homes and businesses is now open in Herald Square.

CV-19 Essential sells everything from cell phone disinfectants and portable air purifiers to plexiglass dividers and UV lamps, and the public is encouraged to check out the store’s Safe Zone interactive experience center where they can try. gadgets.

Distressed merchants around Yankee Stadium plead with their team for help
Merchants near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx are struggling as professional baseball games go on without fans and on Thursday they joined with officials at 161st Street Business Improvement District in pleading with the team for help.

Protesters said the Yankees had rejected requests for help from souvenir shops and local sports bars which have been decimated by the shortened season and the coronavirus pandemic.

MTA warns of national impact without $ 12 billion in federal funding
The MTA, with its budget in shambles amid a record drop in ridership, continues to plead for $ 12 billion in federal aid and describe the disaster that could follow without the bailout.

Officials on Thursday warned the agencies of major domestic suppliers that all contracts were in jeopardy without federal funding. And this is in addition to the reductions in services and staff proposed.

NY Film Festival uses drive-ins to show films to the general public
The New York Film Festival is normally held at Lincoln Center, but this year, like so many other events, it’s going virtual amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, the organizers also found a way to show some of the films to hundreds of people at once, in drive-in theaters. Call it a back to the future approach, a retro way of showing films that started to die out over half a century ago.

NYPD agents have controversial response when asked about masks at New York subway station
A freshman at NYU called two non-masked NYPD officers at a Brooklyn subway station and now their not-so-friendly response is attracting close scrutiny.

In-person learning delayed for most New York students
Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that the city will delay in-person learning for some students. Rather, there will be a gradual reopening that will occur by grade level and occur over the next two weeks. On Monday, September 21, 3-K, Kindergarten, and Early Childhood Education sites will open, including District 75 for Special Education. The following Tuesday, September 29, K-5 and K-8 schools will reopen. Finally, on Thursday 1 October, middle and high schools, high schools, transfers / schools for adults will reopen.

SummerStage annual jubilee goes virtual amid coronavirus pandemic
SummerStage’s annual jubilee goes virtual amid the coronavirus pandemic, with a full lineup of artists performing live starting Thursday at 8 p.m. The City Parks Foundation hosts the free benefit concert supporting programs in the parks, with the 1-hour digital event featuring exclusive musical performances by Sting, Norah Jones, Trey Anastasio, Rufus Wainwright, Leslie Odom Jr., Rosanne Cash, Emily King and PJ Morton.

Viral video shows protesters in Florida demanding target customers remove their masks
A viral video of a target in Florida sparked outrage on the internet. It shows protesters against wearing masks marching through a Target store, shouting for other customers to remove their masks.

New Jersey school resumes sport and activities after contact tracing
A New Jersey high school decided to resume sports and extracurricular activities sooner than expected after contact plotting a party in the woods attended by many students without masks or social distancing. Verona High School initially suspended all after-school activities for two weeks after learning of the large weekend rally and reports of a possible positive test for COVID-19.

Museums forced to lay off workers, sell artwork amid pandemic
There are more staff cuts at the Guggenheim Museum just weeks before it reopens. The museum said 24 employees will be made redundant and eight others have entered into voluntary separation agreements. It comes after two dozen employees were laid off earlier this week. The museum lost $ 1.4 million each month it closed.

Trump again contradicts health experts, calls CDC director ‘confused’
Openly contradicting top government health experts, President Donald Trump predicted that a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine could be ready as early as next month and in mass distribution soon after, undermining the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and calling it “confused” in projecting a longer time frame. Trump also disagreed with Dr Robert Redfield over the effectiveness of protective masks – which the president recommends but hardly ever wears – and said he phoned Redfield to tell him.

Trump pushes for ‘bigger’ COVID-19 relief bill, prioritizing $ 1,200 checks
President Donald Trump parachuted into the coronavirus aid debate, blaming his Republican allies for offering too small a relief package and urging both parties in Congress to go for a bigger one that would include his priority of $ 1,200 raise for most Americans. But his main GOP allies in the House and Senate ignored the president’s mid-morning tweet for more help. They also weighed in against a $ 1.5 trillion aid package backed by moderates on both sides that received praise from the White House.

LIST: 56 New York City schools with confirmed cases of COVID-19
The Department of Education has released a comprehensive list of the 56 schools in New York City where there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19.

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Back to school information
How the coronavirus changed the New York area
Do you have symptoms of coronavirus?
What’s open, what’s closed in the Tri-State zone
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