COVID-19 Recovery Bill Allows New York Restaurants to Charge 10% Surcharge to Help Restaurants Financially


New York restaurants that are still suffering from the loss of business caused by the pandemic will soon enjoy some relief.

The COVID-19 recovery bill passed by city council allows small restaurateurs to charge up to 10% extra on customer tabs in hopes of mitigating some of the financial impacts being felt by the pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants in New York City have not been open for indoor dining. Under this new legislation, restaurants will be able to increase their income and continue the supplement for 90 days after the resumption of dining room at full capacity.

It is just an effort to keep the restaurant industry on its feet. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday that the city would expand Open Streets to weekdays in 40 different locations across the city. Street closures will allow extended outdoor dining during the week in this corridor.

Indoor meals should begin at the end of September. Any restaurant applying the COVID-19 supplement must disclose the charge and cannot add it to a delivery or takeout slip.


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