COVID-19 outbreak in hockey league raises questions about contact tracing


Content of the article

Angus Mackay received the call Monday morning of this week. One of the senior hockey league players he helped coach for 15 years had tested positive.

Their last game took place on Wednesday of last week, at the St-Charles municipal arena in Pointe-St-Charles. Despite government directives requiring greater spacing, players were placed in two changing rooms, with around 11 players per room. They all wore masks until it was time to get on the ice, Mackay said.

Mackay immediately sent an email and a text to the players. Out of 23, at least 15 were tested on Monday and Tuesday.

Eight have tested positive. Three others, including Mackay, tested negative. The others are waiting for their results. Since players in both halls have tested positive, players suspect more than one was infected on hockey night.

Given the scale of the outbreak, McKay was struck by the fact that no one at the testing centers recorded where he might have been infected or that he had witnessed an event five days earlier with nearly two dozen people who could have spread the disease during days.


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