COVID-19 in Prince Edward Island: What’s Happening Tuesday, September 29


With the devastating tourist season of 2020 behind it, the PEI industry looks to the future with continued uncertainty.Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown is concerned that work-from-home initiatives are draining downtown customers.

A Prince Edward Island gift card program designed to support the island’s tourism industry saw success on Monday day one, with some retailers saying they sold up to 40% of their inventory before midday.

The COVID-19 testing clinic in Charlottetown has moved to the old government garage on Park Street and out of the Eastlink Center.

Public health protocols for a pandemic in Prince Edward Island require additional cleaning in daycares, which has caused problems at some facilities.

There have been 58 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the island, of which 57 are considered recovered. There have been no hospitalizations or deaths, and there is no evidence of spread in the community.

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