COVID-19: Cancel Thanksgiving gatherings, urges Quebec Minister of Health


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Weddings, funerals, family dinners and barbecues should be avoided.

“The contamination we have comes from gatherings of friends and family,” Dubé said. “If we continue with the level of social contact we have, we’ll hit the wall.”

The wall, he clarified, is any situation that would result in a new lockdown.

Quebec counted 582 new cases Thursday, the second time this week, the toll is approaching the 600 cases reported in one day. Dubé said there were nearly 300 virus outbreaks in the province. But people rarely catch it in organized settings. It was mainly spread at private gatherings, according to health officials.

“If you want to go to a restaurant and you’re in a relationship, you can. This is not what I am saying. What I’m saying clearly: Avoid friends and avoid socializing with people who are not in your bubble. So that’s the big difference, ”Dubé said.


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