Coronavirus: What the White House testing czar had to say about unmasked Trump rallyers


Tapper asked Admiral Brett Giroir, “When President Trump holds a rally and there is no mask required and no social distancing, is that the example you talk about when you talk about everything?” the world that must do its part to bring the numbers down? ”

Citing the high number of coronavirus deaths in the United States, Tapper added, “How is this not a failure, and how is President Trump getting us out of it the right way, in your own words?” ”

Even as coronavirus deaths in the United States approach 200,000, Trump has started crisscrossing the United States in the home stretch ahead of the election and staging campaign rallies, which have the potential to be very events. widespread.

Giroir said on Sunday that people should be “empowered to know they can slow the spread and change the course.” They can save lives by doing the things we are talking about, by wearing a mask ”.

Without commenting directly on the president’s behavior at rallies, Girior told Tapper: “Biology is independent of politics. ““If you can’t physically get away, all docs, all public health experts, we are all really unanimous that it’s important to wear a mask when you can’t physically get away, avoid the cluttered space inside, washing hands, combined with smart tests, ”he said.

Tapper again insisted on Giroir: “President Trump is organizing these rallies. People don’t wear masks. These are potentially super broadcaster events. ”

“So again, I just want to repeat what I said. Biology is independent of politics, ”replied Giroir.

“Don’t tell me, tell President Trump,” Tapper said.

The recent events of Trump’s campaign violated state mandates put in place to slow the spread of the pandemic, and participants were seen without face masks and without social distancing. It also held its first all-indoor rally last week in Nevada, in defiance of the state’s restriction on gatherings of 50 or more.

Girior told CNN on Sunday that wearing a mask was a “critical step” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and said it was the responsibility of government officials to help people understand this.

“We always encourage the wearing of a mask because it’s a very important step – it’s a critical step to prevent the spread,” Girior said. “And we want people to understand that. This needs to be taken up by local authorities, by the state, by the public, and certainly all of us on the task force want to make sure people understand that each week we are providing governors with specific county level recommendations. on how to slow the spread. ”

He added: “But at the moment, prevention is definitely the most important step in wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, especially indoor spaces, very important, and hygiene is what we need to do. hold on. “


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