Coronavirus updates LIVE as new restrictions are expected in Greater Manchester and highest daily number of cases recorded in UK


Joint statement from the four UK countries on coronavirus response

The governments of the UK’s four countries have issued a joint statement urging people to follow the rules amid the onset of a second wave of coronavirus.

The joint statement by the UK government, the Northern Ireland executive, the Scottish government and the Welsh government reads:

“COVID-19 threatens life, health, prosperity and our way of life. We have taken action to protect the health of our citizens, communities and economies. However, the threat remains too real.

“We are seeing the start of a second wave. Chief medical officers have agreed that the alert level should increase to 4. Cases are increasing rapidly and we must take action to stop an exponential increase that could overwhelm our health services and aim to bring R below 1 while minimizing the impact on the economy and society. “

He goes on to reaffirm a “common commitment to eradicate the virus” across nations, which will work “with determination, energy and cooperation” to ensure safe work and socialization, provide testing for those with symptoms, respond quickly to local epidemics and protect them. most vulnerable to the virus.

The statement concludes:

“The ongoing fight against COVID-19 will continue to demand a lot from all of us, wherever we live.

“We ask everyone to make every effort to follow the rules and advice designed for our safety, as this is the only way to keep the virus removed and move forward on the path back to normalcy.

“Failure to do so will put everyone at risk. So in the weeks and months to come, we must continue to work together to protect and care for those most at risk, and keep the virus under control.


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