Coronavirus: second wave to come as UK R count rises


Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Friday night. We will have another update for you on Saturday morning.

1. Second wave of virus hitting the UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK is now “seeing a second wave” of coronavirus, adding that “it was inevitable”. He said he did not want to put the country in yet another national lockdown, but tighter social distancing restrictions may still be needed. It is understood that a new set of three-tier rules is being considered which could end household-to-household contact. His comments come after tighter restrictions were announced for Lancashire, Merseyside, parts of the Midlands and West Yorkshire, which will come into effect from Tuesday.

2. The growth of the virus is now “widespread throughout the country”

Scientists say there is now widespread growth of the virus across the UK and the R number has dropped from 1.1 to 1.4. The R (reproduction) number describes the number of people to whom each infected person transmits the virus. If it is greater than 1, the number of cases increases very rapidly. Government science advisers are warning of “much worse things to come” with cases believed to exceed 6,000 a day in England.

3. Nicola Sturgeon issues warning about stricter rules

“Hard but necessary” decisions on new Covid restrictions may have to be made to prevent another large-scale lockdown in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon warned. The prime minister said the next few days would be “critical” in deciding what action to take to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the country. Ms Sturgeon said the virus was on the rise and was spreading “fairly quickly”, with “greater restrictions” possibly needed to “stop” that spread.

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Media legendFM “advises” that greater coronavirus restrictions are likely

4. The New Year’s Eve fireworks in London canceled

There will be no New Years Eve fireworks in London in 2021, after the mayor revealed the display had been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Around 100,000 people normally gather in the streets around Victoria Embankment for the annual event, which is watched by around 12 million people on television. However, Sadiq Khan told LBC that “we just can’t afford to have a lot of people coming together,” adding that instead, the officials “were working on something that people can enjoy. in the comfort and safety of their living room on television ”.

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Media legendWatch how London celebrated the start of 2020

5. Puppy Prices Soar During Coronavirus Lockdown

With many people working from home during the lockdown, and the prospect of returning to the office seeming far away, some people like Joanna Birrell thought it would be a good time to have a puppy. But the demand has been so great that many breeders have increased their prices as the cost of puppies has more than doubled. Figures from Pets4Homes, based on around 150,000 listings, showed the average asking price from March to September was £ 1,883. Over the same period last year the average price was £ 888.

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Joanna Birrell


Joanna remembers the excitement of first holding Poppy in her arms six years ago – but the prices have gone up sharply

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