Coronavirus outbreak at nudist resort in France worsens as cases double


Viral infections have doubled in an isolated French nudist village, with 240 out of 800 guests infected, according to a report.

The huge spike follows a scorching rooftop party at a plush hotel in Cap d’Agde where no social distancing measure has taken place, his boss admits.Cap d’Agde on the Mediterranean coast of France, near the city of Montpellier, is the largest naturalistic resort in the world, where nudity is legal at all times.

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It made headlines last week after 95 guests tested positive for COVID-19, and another 50 tested positive after returning home.

Today, those numbers have nearly doubled, as mobile tests at the site revealed that 30% of the 800 guests screened were positive for COVID-19, according to the BBC.

This figure is four times higher than in the neighboring areas of the south coast of France.

The closed and independent “naturist village” offers visitors a dozen swingers clubs and saunas, as well as erotic discos.

Cap d’Agde boasts of being “one of the best seaside resorts of its kind in the world for sunbathing in the great outdoors” and the population can reach “50,000 at a time”.

“We all know why we are here,” an anonymous swinging couple told the BBC.

“There are many other more traditional and family naturist camps elsewhere along the coast without sex clubs.”

The recent peak in coronavirus cases began at the end of August and has been traced to two employees of the luxury hotel Oz’Inn.

Its owner said an X-rated party was held on the hotel’s rooftop terrace without social distancing measures.

A naked couple, in their 60s, told the BBC that due to their age they were “more careful” about “the number of people we come into close contact with.”

But they say the epidemic is attributed to “the younger crowd who took more risks.”

David Masella, who runs the village, said Cap d’Agde had been “doubly affected”.

“Forty percent of our visitors are foreigners; most come from the Netherlands and Germany, followed by the Italians and the British, ”he said.

Mr. Masella underlined that the population density of the village is “seven times higher than the neighboring city of Montpellier” because it has 10,000 camping pitches and accommodation in Cap d’Agde offers 15,000 beds.

A spokesperson for the Hérault prefecture described the epidemic as “an alarming situation”.

“We also ask all people who wish to come to this naturist village to postpone their arrival,” he said.

On its Facebook page, Cap d’Agde – now in quarantine – announced that 17 establishments have closed in the naturist village to prevent COVID-19 from further unleashing.

The Regional Health Agency has warned of the “very disturbing” circulation of the coronavirus after registering nearly 30% of positive cases in a single day last week, the village added.

Bars, restaurants and nightclubs are among the businesses temporarily closed as a result.

Regional health officials urged the village to commit to “strictly respecting preventive measures and barriers.”

The president of the hotel club of Cap-d’Agde, Frédéric Puech, declared: “It would have been good if more stringent sanitary measures were put in place in the naturist village from the beginning of the summer, given the large number of vacationers. who were going to stay there.

“Some are responsible for this crisis, but unfortunately many are not, and the result is there.”

He suggested that flowers be sent to the owner of the Oz’Inn Hotel, adding: “Thanks to him, the season will be a disaster for the whole of Cape Town.”

In the naked village, people visit “the bank, post office, restaurants, laundromat or to walk along the kilometer-long beach without a shred of clothing,” according to its website.

“In areas like camping, a lot of people stay naked around the clock,” he adds.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted with permission


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