Coronavirus: London will increasingly face tighter lockdown restrictions | Political news


It is “increasingly likely” that further lockdown restrictions will be needed in London, the city’s mayor has warned – and says he doesn’t want to wait.

Sadiq Khan said: “The Prime Minister said that we are currently witnessing the start of a second wave of COVID-19[feminine[feminine across the UK.

“Londoners should also know that I am extremely concerned by the latest evidence I have seen today from public health experts on the rate of acceleration at which COVID-19 is now spreading here in London.

“This is compounded by the uncertainty caused by the lack of testing capacity in the capital.

“This afternoon, I held an emergency meeting with the leaders of London Council, the government and Public Health England to discuss next steps.

“It is increasingly likely that in London additional measures will soon be needed to slow the spread of virus. We will look at some of the measures that have already been imposed in other parts of the UK.

“I firmly believe that we should not wait, as happened six months ago, for this virus to get out of control again before acting.

The best thing for public health and the economy is new restrictions imposed early, rather than a complete lockdown when it’s too late – but the government urgently needs to ensure there is a fully functioning testing system. .

“I urge all Londoners to be as careful as possible this weekend. Please think very carefully about your actions – strictly follow the rules of social distancing, wash your hands regularly and wear a face mask to help reduce the spread of the virus. ”

Mr Khan’s comments come after Boris Johnson said the UK “now sees a second wave coming”, and it is ” inevitable“This coronavirus would strike the country again.

New daily confirmed cases of coronavirus reached 4,322 – the highest since May 8.


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