Coronavirus: London placed on Covid-19 watch list as cases increase


London has been added to the government’s Covid-19 watch list following an increase in cases in the city, officials said.

All the boroughs have been classified as areas of concern, but no additional restrictions have been announced.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said the city was at “a worrying tipping point” with the increase in hospital admissions.

City councils urged residents to respect

by current restrictions.

The watchlist, published weekly, classifies local councils that see a higher infection rate as “areas of concern”, “areas of enhanced support” or “areas of intervention.”

Stricter restrictions are usually introduced for areas of the third category.

Earlier on Friday, London Councils – the group representing the city’s 33 local authorities – announced the city would join the list, saying it was a “stark reminder” to residents that they must follow the announced new rules. this week.

The organization called for a sustained increase in Covid-19 testing in the capital so that infections can be monitored.

Mr Khan said testing capacity had been “diverted” from the capital to other national hot spots, resulting in a 43% drop in the number of tests in the city.

“The lack of testing capacity is totally unacceptable,” he said.

“It is vital that testing capacity is increased immediately in London and focused on areas where it is most needed. Any delay will mean abandoning the city and costing lives ”.

The most recent daily figures show 584 cases of the coronavirus have been reported in London. In the week to September 21, Redbridge had the highest infection rate per 100,000 people compared to other boroughs, at 55.4.


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