Coronavirus: London ‘added to national COVID-19 watch list’ as cases rise | UK News


London has been added to the national coronavirus watchlist, a group representing the capital’s councils has said.

The London Councils represent the 32 boroughs of the capital and the City of London.

In a statement, the group said: ‘It is a stark reminder that now is the time for all Londoners to come together and take action to ensure their safety, that of their families and communities, and to ensure that London’s economy is protected. ”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “London is currently at a very worrying tipping point”.

There are no additional measures in place for the capital at this point.

He called on the government for an immediate increase in testing capacity, warning delays will cost lives.

He said: “It is vital that testing capacity is increased immediately in London and focused on areas where it is most needed. Any delay will mean the downfall of the city and cost lives. ”

The London Councils echoed the mayor’s call.

“It is welcome that the city’s testing capacity is enhanced so that Londoners have timely access to Covid-19 testing and the government must ensure that this continues now,” they said.

The group also called on Londoners to abide by new restrictions set out by Boris Johnson earlier this week – including working from home if possible and sticking to the rule of six.

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s announcement, there was an ongoing debate over whether additional measures should be introduced to deal with rising COVID-19 rates in the city.

A spokesperson for Sadiq Khan said the situation was “Clearly worsening” and stricter restrictions were needed to “stop coronavirus out of control again ”.

He has met with London councils to discuss a plan for further restrictions before the Prime Minister makes his announcement.

Today, the mayor attributed the delays in the Test and Trace program to the surge in cases in the capital.

He said: “The near collapse of testing and traceability and the resurgence of the virus means that further measures to slow its spread were badly needed.

“Testing capacity has been diverted from London over the past two weeks to other national hotspots and the number of weekly tests is now down 43% in the capital since mid-August. has been added to the government’s coronavirus watchlist as an area of ​​concern.


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