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The number of tests returning positive for Covid-19 exceeds 25% in several states in the US Midwest as cases and hospitalizations also increase in the region, according to a Reuters analysis.North Dakota’s positive test rate has averaged 30% over the past seven days compared to the previous week. The positivity rate rose to 26% in South Dakota, from 17% the previous week, according to analysis using test data from the Covid Tracking Project. Minnesota and Montana average 7% of tests that come back positive, but Montana’s positivity rate rose to 20% on Sunday, according to the analysis.

The World Health Organization considers rates above 5% worrying, as it suggests there are more cases in the community that have yet to be discovered. Several states such as New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine have positive test rates below 1%.

As positive test rates rise in the Midwest, cases and hospitalizations are setting records in those states.

In the past week, five Midwestern states reported a record one-day increase in new infections – Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


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