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AFP: The coronavirus crisis putting a chill in travel, European airlines are cutting fares to attract passengers and fill the planes that are still flying.Travel restrictions enacted by many countries to stem the spread of the disease hit airlines, virtually shutting down air traffic in the spring. And while traffic has picked up over the summer, it is declining again.

According to Eurocontrol, which coordinates air traffic in Europe, traffic has slowed in the past two weeks and is now 54% below its comparable level of last year.

A European air trade association cut August traffic even lower, to just 30% of 2019 levels.

Eurocontrol is now more pessimistic about a recovery in the sector.

In the spring, he expected traffic to be 30% below 2019 levels in October, but now it is down 57%.

As the pandemic left airlines starved of cash, they began to cut fares.

According to ForwardKeys, a company that analyzes the tourism market, airlines slashed fares from Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands to destinations in the south by 15% in August. ‘Europe compared to the same period last year.

In a study released Thursday, he found that prices on some routes had fallen by more than a third.


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