Coronavirus live updates for Yorkshire as UK heads to Alert Level 4


The four ways to control the virus

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said there were four ways the virus could have a “significant effect” on the health of the nation if it got out of hand.

These included direct deaths from Covid-19 and the risk that the NHS emergency services would be ‘overwhelmed by a huge spike’ – something that was prevented by the March lockdown.

The third way was the impact on the NHS if it were to devote “much of its effort to trying to deal with Covid cases”, leading to cuts in other services and indirect death and illness.

The fourth factor was the risk of economic and social impacts from coronavirus restrictions.

“Ministers who make decisions – and society as a whole – have to respect this very difficult balance.

“If we do too little, this virus will get out of hand and you will have a significant number of increased direct and indirect deaths.

“But if we go too far in the other direction, we can cause damage to the economy which can result in unemployment, poverty, deprivation – all of which have long-term health effects, we must so always keep these two sides. in mind. ”

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