Concept poster # PSPK28: not just entertainment!


Pawan Kalyan and Harish Shankar, the Gabbar Singh duo collaborate again for a biggie funded by Mythri Movie Makers.

The concept poster for # PSPK28 launched on Pawan’s birthday, and Harish took everyone by surprise.

The tagline reads “This time it’s not all about entertainment”, and the concept poster makes it clear that this is an idealistic film that will also carry Pawan Kalyan’s trademark style.

A stylish motorbike parked outside the India Gate and photos of the freedom fighters embossed with the letters PSPK, a red rose and a bala siksha pedda placed on the bike justify the slogan.

Looks like Harish Shankar kept the current image of Pawan Kalyan as the leader of Janasena while writing this script.

Harish Shankar has once again proven himself a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan and piqued interest in his upcoming film with the concept poster itself.

Fans will surely want this film to start filming sooner rather than later.

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