Colts’ Darius Leonard gives fan his gloves with wedding ring inside


INDIANAPOLIS – Colts linebacker Darius Leonard’s desire to make a young fan’s day – aside from the win – nearly cost him his alliance after Sunday’s victory over the Minnesota Vikings.Leonard was on his way back to the locker room when he gave his gloves to the fan as a souvenir. Leonard was unaware, however, that his wedding ring, which he wears during the match, was also in his left glove. It wasn’t until Leonard showered and dressed that he realized his ring was missing.

“Once I put my gloves on, my ring is on,” Leonard said on SportsCenter. “Once I knew that I had taken the gloves off and that was the only thing that could have happened, that’s when in my mind, when I threw my glove away, the ring went with. I thought I might never see that ring again.

What Leonard didn’t realize was that the fan had no intention of keeping his wedding ring, he just wanted the gloves. The fan took to social media and sent a direct message to the linebacker’s wife, Kayla, to let her know what had happened and his intention to return the ring to the family.

“It was amazing,” Leonard said. “I always say it’s a showcase of his parents. The honesty to say they found it. Some people wouldn’t have said anything. They would have said it was a memory. I thank them for blessing me to return my ring thanking to be honest. It couldn’t have happened to a better family. ”

Leonard hasn’t finished giving the fan a souvenir. He plans to send him a jersey as a sign of recognition.

“I’ll give them a jersey or something,” he said. “I must definitely do a favor. ”

And yes, Leonard still plans to wear his wedding ring during the game. He’ll just be a little more careful when he takes off his gloves.


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