Chris Jericho says former WCW personality Ralphus passed away last year


One of Chris Jericho’s greatest allies in WCW, Ralphus, would have died last year according to Jericho himself. Jericho mentioned in his special Saturday night feed after All Out that Ralphus, real name John Riker, passed away in 2019.Jericho said of Ralphus: “I just found out that he passed away like last year. God bless John Riker, that was his real name.

Riker worked as a truck driver for WCW when Jericho teamed up with him in Jericho’s run as WCW TV champion as he called Goldberg over the feud that never happened . Jericho had Ralphus as his personal security guard and the character is incredibly done with the audience. Ralphus would eventually be paired with Norman Smiley in 2000 after Jericho jumped ship in WWE and even had a few matches, three of which were handicap matches with Smiley versus Terry Funk then Big Vito, and one a singles match versus Vito. All were losses.

After his WCW run ended, Ralphus made a few appearances at wrestling conventions and made a few signings. He did not continue to work for the company afterwards.

On behalf of 411, our condolences to the family, friends and fans of Mr. Riker.


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