Chris Jericho saw that NXT should move to Tuesdays because it’s’ embarrassing ‘AEW continues to beat them, Roman Reigns’ heel and inner circle formation


Chris Jericho is a man who has this lucrative habit of everything he touches seems to turn to gold.

After a successful WWE career spanning nearly two decades, Jericho has added to his impressive work in Japan and has been the mainstay of All Elite Wrestling since its inception in early 2019.

Chris Jericho was the first AEW champion

Having been in the wrestling business for 30 years now, even the God of Demo will experience something for the first time at AEW’s All Out on Saturday.

Jericho takes on Orange Cassidy in a “Mimosa Mayhem” match to see who wins the rubber match in their ongoing feud.

talkSPORT spoke with the legendary grappler before the PPV on FITE and got a good look at the weird and wonderful world of wrestling.

On his work with NJPW and tick off the names of his list …

When I started with Japan in January 2017, I worked six games with New Japan. When I started going there I wanted to work four guys: Kenny Omega, [Tetsuya] Naito, [Kazuchika] Okada and [Hiroshi] Tanahashi. I worked with all four of them and EVIL as well which was great.

My last match at Tokyo Dome was this year / 1000 years ago because of the coronavirus and it was against Tanahashi. It was my favorite of the six.


Chris Jericho locked in the walls of Jericho on Hiroshi Tanahashi

Obviously the Kenny match is a classic, it’s the “five star match”, but for me, I knew Kenny. We would never be locked up, but we’re both from Winnipeg, we’re both Canadians, we both speak English, we both have a similar style – I didn’t know anything about Tanahashi.

I don’t watch NJPW, I just knew he was awesome. A lot of people said “you should work Tanahashi”. And we didn’t have any angles for that, we just did the game basically in June and had it in January and I really didn’t know what to expect, but I loved this game.

At the heel of Roman Reigns

I am a huge fan of Roman Reigns. I think as a heel he’s going to be leaps and bounds better than as a babyface which then will allow him to become a babyface, which will be leaps and bounds on him being a heel.

I love Joe. He is an excellent worker. I loved working with him. I have probably worked with him 40 times in 2016 and 2017. We have done house shows all over the world and he has a great personality.

Chris Jericho has known Roman Reigns extremely well since joining WWE

Chris Jericho has known Roman Reigns extremely well since joining WWE

If you just let Roman Reigns be himself, he’ll get over it even more. He’s just a cool guy.

It reminds me of The Rock. If you are a guy you want to have a beer with him, if you are a girl you want to go out with him.

But he doesn’t really get the chance to show it – just let him relax and be himself and I have no doubt he could be the best star in WWE for sure – which he is. already somehow, but to a point where everyone knows, agrees with him and no one complains.

On NXT, maybe end the Wednesday Night Wars and switch to Tuesdays …

They came on Wednesday just to play with us. Get your head out of your ass and go make some money. Don’t worry about our business. We are not worried about you.

We don’t have a screen that shows what’s going on in every moment on NXT like they do for Dynamite – leave us alone. Do your own thing.

Go Tuesdays, grab another 250,000 viewers, finally get your demo where it belongs because it’s embarrassing on a Wednesday night against us.

Chris Jericho thinks NXT would be better served by running a different night from Dynamite

Chris Jericho thinks NXT would be better served by running a different night from Dynamite

The demo god stuff is not a gimmick, it’s real. So come on! Go to Tuesday, go to Sunday, go to any other day you want. But don’t exist just to annoy us because we beat you every week.

It’s a bit embarrassing for NXT at this point. So I think you should throw the red flag, pull out, go to Tuesday, get more viewers, make more money, get more guys, and not worry about what we’re doing because we’re going to continue in the both directions.

And we win every week anyway, so go your own way. This is the best way to go.

On Sammy Guevara’s mistake with Matt Hardy and the formation of the inner circle

It’s wrestling, man. Listen, it can happen anytime, that’s how it is. Obviously it was a mistake and something Sammy felt bad about – and Matt felt bad about – but look what happens.

It’s called a happy accident. It’s like when I punched Rebecca Michaels in the face. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but once you get over the emotion of what shit is like OK, we can make some money with it.

I think the moment Matt Hardy stepped into AEW, a feud with Sammy Guevara would be perfect. Love the Inner Circle and we all had different ideas about who was going to be there.

Chris Jericho and his team, the inner circle


Chris Jericho and his team, the inner circle

The top picks, except one of the guys, aren’t the guys we ended up with. But, after the first night, when I saw a pic of us, I was like it looked cool. You have five guys with five different looks, five different ideas and characters – but it worked.

It’s like when Guns N ‘Roses was formed and you think, is it going to work? But then you walk into a room together and start falling out and you realize the chemistry that you have. This is what we have with the Inner Circle.

And the best part is, we never had a crossword with each other. We never achieved our goal on each other and it’s been almost a year now that this group is the top heel faction where there’s no reason to change it. No reason to add or subtract anyone and I can see we’re a faction to ourselves, almost like DX was.

They had heels in heels then baby faces and I see him for the Inner Circle because, again, we have a brand new guy in Jake Hager – he’s not Jack Swagger. Swagger and Dean Ambrose are products of WWE. Both were void when they left. Now they’re both in AEW with a whole new mindset.

Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho were wonderfully entertaining together

Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho were wonderfully entertaining together

Then you have Santana and Ortiz. I had only met them once during my cruise! I had never seen them! I had heard a lot of good things about them, but the first time I saw them was on my cruise. So when we suggested it to them, I was like, “Okay. I don’t know them… but I’ll try.

And Sammy Guevara, I actually helped him integrate it into AEW. I watched his work on an NWA show when Cody was working with Nick Aldis. I saw him and I was like “who is this kid ?! R, he looks like a total cock.

He’s been misinterpreted as a babyface with the panda head. I was like “I already hate this guy!” But he’s supposed to be a good guy. I thought I would love to work with him.

So bringing him to AEW was the first step, bringing him to the inner circle was the second step and suddenly we have all these guys who are way better than before – and me included!

So I think it’s a great mix and we’re all bigger stars now than we were before the very first Dynamite.

Be sure to catch Chris Jericho and AEW’s All Out this Saturday, September 5th on FITE!


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